7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth

Erin Gee - 7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth


7-channel audio installation, woven blankets, text work

8 hours duration

“7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth is a long-form composition that consists of documentation of dusk-till dawn searches for number stations on shortwave radio frequencies. Arranged in order, from day one to day seven, the installation allows one to physically walk through seven evenings of shortwave, synchronized in their respective times, in physical space. This spatialization of each night will allow listeners to make comparisons, appreciating patterns demonstrated in Gee’s search as she consults research and online communities to tune into mysterious, unexplained broadcasts that consist only of numbers, tones and codes.”

This body of work is informed by my fascination with these principles of secrecy, organization and communication, coupled with the nocturnality of a solitary listener that connects to others via online chat in order to share an obscure passion. It’s a search for disembodied voices in strange technotongues. The patterns of my searching during 7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth are woven directly into blankets, in text artworks I weave together my research into radio technologies, music history, and ancient numbers documents from times past in order to re-present an encrypted mystery. The 7-channel audio is composed listening and searching that you can listen to, 7 Nights compressed into one enfolded 8 hour experience.