Author: Erin Gee

Erin Gee - Formants - Image courtesy of InterAccess Gallery



Fiberglass, plexiglas, hair, copper, wood, electronics

20” x 49” x 27.5”

Formants is an interactive audio sculpture featuring the heads of two female figures that sing when their hair is brushed. The dark haired sculpture, Inanna, sings songs of good natured female characters from classic opera, whereas Ereshkigal, the figure with auburn-coloured hair, sings songs from folklore song tradition that reference evil, sorrow, or wrongdoing. These machines present an infinite possibility for duets between good and evil based on human interaction: a musing on desire, vanity, absent bodies, morality, intimacy and touch in human-computer interactions.


  • (version 1) Pure Data Programming: Michael Brooks
  • (version 2) Electronics technician and programmer: Martin Peach
  • Vocalists: Lynn Channing and Christina Willatt
  • Made with the support of Soil Digital Media Suite