Generative software choir installation in collaboration with Oliver Bown

Inspired by exerpts of Elizabeth Grosz’s book “Architecture from the Outside”, I made recordings of myself singing text that made reference to insideness, outsideness, and flexible structures. These recordings were arranged by software designer and algorhythmic composer Oliver Bown into a networked choral software, which when installed in a gallery, performs my music on my behalf.

Anim.OS premiered at Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney. The installation opened with a live performance work featuring Gee (vocals), as well as Laura Altman, Monica Brooks, Sam Pettigrew (accordian, clarinet, double bass improvisation) and the software choir manipulated live by its creator, Oliver Bown.

Anim.OS is a networked computer choir developed by Oliver Bown (Sydney) and Erin Gee (Montreal) in 2012. Videography and sound recording by Shane Turner (Montreal).

This is documentation of one of the first tests for improvisation and control of the choir at the University of Sydney.

The installation work premiered at Tin Sheds Gallery (Sydney) in August 2012, and was featured in a performance work scored by Erin Gee for Anim.OS choir and three musicians.